Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Royal Baby Group / Fuccillo Babies

Here is our final product for the PED 201 (Motor Development) skit.  Thanks to Jessica Evans, Dan Russo, Nick Ottati, and Ian Schwan the video came out great.  Enjoy our presentation on Parental Factors Affecting Pregnancy!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

St. Mary's Dinosaur Train

Dino-Lab at St. Mary's this week was a completely new experience for me.  This was the first time this semester that I would be working with the Pre-K students at the school.  The after school program consisted of crafts, book reading, and even a song all before my group went into the gym with the students.    During the first portion of the lab, myself and Mr. Dan Russo, and Mr. Ian Schwan set up a craft which the students really enjoyed.  They colored in characters from the show Dinosaur Train, and then we taped them on a poster-board to display in the school.  Even though this portion of the lab was not physical education related, it was still an excellent experience to be able to connect with the kids in a way that I am not as used to.  I believe that as an educator, we need to be able to reach the kids from many directions, all to improve them as a whole.  Aside from the crafts and reading, the games in the gym were a lot of fun for the students.  The main aspect of teaching that I am taking with me from this lab is being LOUD and TO THE POINT.  Especially with younger students that are not very familiar with you as a teacher, attention can be lost very quickly, which leads to confusion, which leads to a game possibly not going as planned.  As always, it is important to adapt and be ENTHUSIASTIC!!