Sunday, May 15, 2011

Final Day At St. Mary's

Our last day at St. Mary's was different than any other.  We took physical education to a whole new level with the students and got them dancing to Beyonce's Lets Move In School Campaign song.  The students really had a blast, and it was one of the better cardio workouts I have had in a long time.  We also utilized the parachute on the last day so the kids could have even more fun before we left.  I truly feel that the interaction at St. Mary's greatly benefited both the students of the school, and my classmates and I as future instructors.  It was an excellent experience, and really proved to me that Physical Education is the field that I want to be in

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Prezi- Worst Moment in Movement

As a physical educator, I believe it is important to evaluate my worst movement, to ensure that my future students never will have an experience that I did.  As an athlete, I have been so used to excelling at every sport that I tried.  However, when I attempted to ski for the first time, I was absolutely horrible.  This goes to show that at some point in a students educational career, they are going to fail.  It is the job of the Physical Educator to minimize these experience, and prevent the embarrassing consequences that come along with some of them.  Some ways we can do this are through the use of progressions, and utilizing teaching techniques that will build up the level of confidence in the students.  Self esteem and confidence is everything when it comes to learning new skills! Enjoy the presentation!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter At St.Marys- Using Dance To Get Students Moving

As the semester continues, each week I notice such progress at St.Mary's.  This week, the students were very focused, and demonstrated what I thought was excellent form in both the dribble and kick.

 I noticed the students absolutely had some background in soccer.  They most likely worked on this skill in their physical education class recently.  Students, especially the observed male students were swinging the opposite arm, hopping on the non-kicking foot, and keeping their trunks back while striking the ball.  It was an excellent job by the students.

After the games were played, I decided to get the students dancing and moving a little bit with the "Bunny Hop" song to go along with the easter theme.  It involved the loco motor skills of jumping, hoping and moving back and forward during the skills.  Simple dance, yet it is also fun.  I believe that dance can really act as a key part in physical education.  It helps reach a new spectrum of students, and can be a great cardiovascular workout!