Wednesday, February 9, 2011

St. Mary's Lab 1

During lab 1 at St. Mary's, I felt very confident working with the kids.  At first it was a little nervewracking, having to set up a game in front of all of them.  After watching my T.A, and fellow groupmember, I got a lot of useful tips that helped me set up blob tag.  First of all, I noticed the importance of being very loud when adressing the students.  Many of them just want to play individually by themselves, so you have to ensure them that the game is going to be fun, and that they should really take part in it.  Also, I noticed that the more simple the directions are, the better the game will go for the kids.  When being enthusiastic and excited about a game, the students will also become excited.  A simple set of rules, and a quick demonstration can really help the kids have a better understanding, which will allow them to enjoy the game and have more fun.

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