Thursday, March 24, 2011

Western Lab 3

Howdy!  This weeks Western lab at St. Mary's School went extremely well.  The students of the school are starting to really become much better listeners, which is due to better teaching techniques by us Cortland teacher candidates.  I learned that the students need to begin moving as soon as we get there.  It is important not to waste time, because we only have their attention for so long.  This was the last week of the semester that I will be teaching a tag game.  Now that I am moving on from the K-1 class, I believe the students are more able to take part in organized games, other than simple tag games.  The tag games got me used to teaching, and now I feel that I am ready to start teaching more complex games.  Also, I feel that I will be really enthusiastic about teaching a more complicated game with some friendly competition thrown in, making sure that nobody is being singled out of course.  The western lab reinforced a main idea that I keep coming across.  The students run off the amount of energy and enthusiasm that we bring with us to teach.  Next week, I'm going to be bringing 110% again to ensure that quality Physical Education is taking place!

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